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A Glorious Glide of Gastric Glee

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

September 22, 2020

(~14 miles) - 156 Riders!

Meet at the Flag Pole

Detailed maps and GPS data:

Tonight we will visit south 12th ave, the restaurant row of Tucson's south side. If you are new to town and are looking for the best Sonoran food, this is an area you must explore. Most of the restaurants will be closed by the time we get there, but Google says both Percheron's and El Guero Canelo will indeed be open. Percheron's serves some of the best burritos I've ever had and according to legend, El Guero Canelo is the original creator of the Sonoran hot dog (or at least the first to serve them in the US). The route passes right by both restaurants and then continues on to the park. If you're hungry, you should have enough time to stop and grab a snack at either of those establishments and then meet the rest of us at El Pueblo Park. Keep in mind; the ride is not going to stop and wait for you to get your burrito or Sonoran dog. We will pass by and point out the restaurants and then continue on to the park. I have posted Google maps suggestions below that show how to get to the park from both restaurants. It's about a 5 minute ride from either restaurant. Happy Tuesday!

Also, it may be a good idea to call ahead and place your order. Here is the phone number:

Percheron's: 520 272 5490

UPDATE: We were able to get through to El Guero Canelo and unfortunately they will be closing at 9pm so that's no longer an option. Sorry for the bum steer.

Here is a close up of the route, which shows the locations of both restaurants and the course we will take by them and then to the park.

Google suggestions on how to navigate from Percheron's to El Pueblo Park

Google suggestions on how to navigate from El Guero Canelo to El Pueblo Park

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