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Ballin' for Collin

October 19th, 2021

~12 miles

Meet at ye ol' flag pole

GPS data & detailed maps:

Dedicated to the man that made this event possible and taught me through example everything I needed to know to make it continue to work without disturbing the spirit of the TNR. Collin never missed a Tuesday in 10 years, no matter what the conditions, even when he was at death's door. Thank you Sir, for everything you did for this community. You created an institution that has at least so far, stood the test of time. For this and for your kind heart we solute you.

Four years ago when Collin became too sick to ride, I asked him if I could help. He created a route for me to lead, and this new route is loosely based upon it. I've made some embellishments, but the core concept remains intact. Happy Tuesday!

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