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Chasing the Dragoon

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

August 25th, 2020

~12 miles (202 riders!)

Meet at the Flag Pole


Tonight we cross the secret Dragoon passageway. Heading west from the flag pole we will pass under the freeway and take the west bank of the Santa Cruz path north, exiting at Juhan Park. From there we will cross Grant entering the secret passageway which will bring us to Joaquin Murrieta Park where we will have our break. After the break we ride south to cross Speedway, then work our way through Barrio Hollywood and further south until we find and loop around on Cushing Street. Cushing will take us to Granada then it's a straight shot home on 4th Street.

Notes: If the secret passage is blocked or not passible for some other reason we will detour a block east on Grant and take Dragoon Ave and El Rio Drive to access the park for our break.

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