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Khechari Mood Ring

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

September 1st, 2020

(~12 miles) 171 Riders

Meet at the Flag Pole


A daring and adventurous new route featuring a bridge we've never crossed before and a long steady downhill spanning 3 full miles.

Heading south from the flag pole we'll find our way to the intersection at 22nd St. & Tucson Blvd. From there we'll head west over the 22nd street bridge, which crosses over Aviation Highway. Once we crest the top of the bridge it's a long and steady downhill cruise on 18th street all the way to the Freeway and beyond. We'll stop for a break at Verdugo Park then head north on the Santa Cruz, exiting at 6th St. Turning left to head north on Main Ave., we will pass through Estevan Park. North from there we cross Speedway on the C-Shaped bridge. Continuing on we will visit Fransisco Elias Park before heading east on Drachman and then back to the University.

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