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Revirth of a Middle-Aged Hipster

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

June 16th, 2020

~12 miles - (132 Riders)

Meet at the Flag Pole in front of Old Main at the UofA

In observance of revirthday, we will be tapping the fountain of youth by reverthing time and cheating the forces of aging. Starting at the flag pole we will head downtown, then over the snake and basket bridges into the "Lost Barrio" for our break at the BMX trails. From there we will pass through Rincon Heights on our way to Sam Hughes for some more weirdness then up and down Hippy Hill on our way back to the flag pole. If you enjoyed parking your car at Himmel Park in recent weeks, you can do so again this week. Just park there and ride to the flag pole to meet the group and then end your ride 3/4 of a mile early as we will be passing though Himmel Park on our way back home to the flag pole. Happy Tuesday!

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