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Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

June 2nd 20202

~11 Miles

GPS route:

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: We have had to replan the route based on new information. I'm told the University was completely blocked-off last night, so that will likely also be the case tonight. Instead of the usual meeting place, this week we will meet on top of the hill at Himmel Park (Near Tucson & Speedway) at the usual time (8:30pm) and ride from there to the Circle K located at Swan & Ft. Lowell. If you choose to join us, be aware that it is not risk free.

Please review the Governor's curfew order before deciding to ride. Your safety is your own responsibility. Some have expressed concern that our black friends might not feel comfortable joining us for fear they will be singled-out by the police. If you fall into this demographic and would still like to join us, please message me privately and I will do my best to find you an escort or escort you myself, so at least you won't have to ride alone. Also, if you arrive at the flag pole and there are police already camping there, continue riding east towards Himmel park. If and only if that is the case we will meet along 3rd street, east of Campbell or at Himmel park itself. Happy Tuesday! Please understand that this is in no way a protest. Nor do we destroy property or threaten anyone in any way. We are riding to a store to patronize a business. The Tuesday Night Ride is an event that brings all sorts of different kinds of people together in a peaceful and positive way, which seems more important than ever at this time.

Debriefing notes:

June 2nd 2020

27 Riders. No police, no problems, very quiet. Actually, much safer than normal. You should have come. Don't believe the hype. See you next week.

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